Frequently Asked Questions

1. If my CV is suitable, when will I receive more information on positions that I have applied for?

Once our personnel have reviewed your application/CV and matched your experience to the client’s requirements, we will contact you with further information on the position and confirm your interest.

2. What about repatriation?

You have a right to be repatriated at no cost to yourself if you have completed the period written in your contract.

3. What supporting documents need to be sent together with my CV ?

Copies of your certificates , a picture and previous employees’ appraisal letters .

4. What about Covid test and any restrictions in the embarkation port?

Your manning agent will inform you where and when your Covid test will take place and keep you posted about any restrictions on the embarkation port .

5. How will the test in English language take place ?

By interview with our office experts and by electronic means ( marline test).

6. If I am approved to join a vessel who will give me information and what ?

Your manning agency will give you information regarding the shipping company , the vessel , your rights , your responsibilities , tickets and any additional information regarding your voyage to your destination.

7. Do I have to complete any additional training ?

Your agent will inform you if you need to complete any additional trainnig in order to comply with Company’s and flag’s requirements

8. I have other questions, not covered here. Can you help me with them?

By all means, please contact us. We will certainly try to assist you.