Ηas over 30 years of sea experience, 25 of which as Master on a variety of vessels such as bulk carriers, tankers, container ships, ferries and cruise ships. He also has a wealth of experience in shipbuilding and ship repairs, having been employed by companies to manage several dry dock contracts.
In recent years his ship management experience has led him to assist companies with manuals related to ballast management, SMS, ISP, Risk Assessment, Emergency Towing, MRV, Energy Efficiency and PMS amongst other issues as per the latest regulations. He has a vast knowledge of MLC & STCW and is therefore involved in MLC inspections and company organisation in relation to safety.

Captain Panagiotis Giakoumatos
Profil Leader

Graduated from one of the Private Universities in Jakarta, already has experience in various fields, with the basic knowledge .She has worked in Government agencies as contract worker and entrusted as supervision in one of the open BUMN companies engaged in project guarantees located in Regional Government agencies in one Regency in Indonesia.

Lilianty. S.E
Profil Director