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‘’ LTM ‘’ is as reliable company that provides Crew Management Services for international partners around all over the world .
Our mission is to provide well experienced and certified crew and keep our clients fully satisfied , by acting according to maritime laws , ILO and MLC requirements .
‘’ LTM ‘’ is certified by Indonesian government and is holding all necessary certifications of MLC and ISO 9001:2015 from RINA Register of ships.
We are doing our best to meet clients needs to form strategics long term partnerships with them .

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As per client’s request , LTM can provide all necessary Crewing services.

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Cargo Ship


You will need to bring your passport and national seaman’s book and all required certificates according to STCW for your rank. The validity of all your documents and seafarer certificates must be for at least one year.

The company is responsible for the cost of your flight ticket, medical examinations and visa.

The following supporting documents are required when you send us your application:

– Recent full-body photo.

– Current height/weight details.

– Scanned copies your passport, seaman’s book and seafaring certificates.

– Sea service records from your seaman’s book.

– Evaluations from past contracts.

Approved crewmembers will need to complete PEME at a Club approved clinic and also obtain ship’s flag seaman’s book, if they do not already hold a valid ship’s flag seaman’s book. Also, the manning agent will inform you if you will need to complete any additional training, in order to comply with the Company’s and flag requirements. You will need to be vaccinated for yellow fever and influenza.

Cruise Ship