Our Services

As per client’s request , LTM can provide all necessary Crewing services .
Ourservices include:

  • Assessment and selections of appropriate seafarers according to owner’s requirements .
  • We check reference from previous employers .
  • Test the professional knowledge .We check the professional skills of seafarer’s.
  • We check documents for validity and compliance with STCW 2010.
  • Test knowledge of English Language (by interview).
  • Medical fitness ( certificates ).
  • Alcohol and drug test before employment to ensure that sefarers are not alcohol and drug dependent.
  • Seafarer’s familiarization with Company’s policy and requirements .
  • Correspondence and documents formalities.

We can Arrange:

Visas arrangements and other travel documents.
Booking and collecting air -tickets.
Arrangements and coordination of seafarer’s travelling.

Other services

  • Testing of seafarer’s other language skills if owner/manager requires it
  • Testing of computer skills
  • Organize vaccinations when required
  • Organize trainings which may be required
  • Renewal of certificates
  • Renewal of flag endorsements and other administration documents
  • Covid 19 test

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