At LTM crewing , our client relationships are built on bonds of mutual respect, loyalty and discretion. We understand the trust placed in us with each contract and we honor that commitment with an absolute commitment of our own: to do everything we can to deserve the trust placed in us and to do nothing that would compromise it.

We pledge to every client that we will always:

Respect the confidentiality of information received from both clients and candidates.

Maintain the anonymity and confidentiality of a client until permission for disclosure has been given.

Screen, evaluate and reference all candidates as part of the hiring process.

Data protection .

Personal data shall only be :
Handled, accessed and processed fairly and lawfully by those with specific authority to do so
Stored in locations specifically designated for that purpose .
Processed and/or transmitted in accordance with (a) lawful requirements and/or (b) the consent given by the individual to whom the personal data relates.
Kept for as long as necessary and as long as is permitted by the Company procedures and legislation requirements. All originals and copies of the personal data information shall then be erased and/or deleted