1.We are honest, reliable and flexible. Our business is built on trust with our partners.

2.LTM ‘’ is as reliable company that provides Crew Management Services for international partners all over the word . Our mission is to provide well-experienced and certified crew and keep our clients fully satisfied, by acting according to maritime laws, ILO and MLC requirements.

’ LTM ‘’ is certified by the Indonesian government and is holding all necessary certifications of MLC and ISO 9001:2015 from RINA Register of ships .

We are doing our best to meet clients’ needs to form strategic long term partnerships with them.

3.We have an extensive database of highly selected seafarers for various types of vessels , such:

Bulk Carriers , Containers , Cruise ships , Ro-Ro , Ferries , LNG, LPG , Chemical Tankers , Heavy Lift , Offshore supply Vessels, Oil platforms , Tug Boats , barges, floating cranes , Yachts .

4. We would be very glad to cooperate with you on the most interesting and beneficial conditions for you. We are always open for discussions.

Our success is to understand our customers’ different requirements, and we take the time to discuss each client’s needs, to ensure that the service provided is of the highest quality and value.



5. The goal of LTM crewing is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are open to introduce our quality system to our clients to assure that we are able to provide them with the best possible service


Lisfa Terra Mandiri established in 2018 with primary objective of recruiting and providing highly qualified, disciplined and healthly seafarers mainly from Indonesia and other nationalities alike for foreign and domestic principles.

LTM is a reliable company that provides crew Management services for international partners all over the world.



All of them are well trained, qualified, competent, responsible, hard working. Our personnel fully comply with STCW requirements and have relevant experience and knowledge of English Language.

We are devoted to deliver high standards of services to our valued clients. Our team of qualified professionals is specialized in the requirement of fully STCW – certified and experienced seafarers. Also, our service is fast, efficient and gives the best satisfaction to forboth crew and employers.

We provide complete crew management, including recruitment, training, travel arrangements and visa.

We always interview potential candidates to endure personnel experience in all aspects and arrange English examination to ensure safe operations on board and good communications between crew members.

We arrange suitable programs for seafarers with training centers to improve the personnel knowledge which help them in their job.


Has over 30 years of sea experience, 20 of which as Master on a variety of vessels such as bulk carriers, tankers, container ships, ferries and cruise ships. He also has a wealth of experience in shipbuilding and ships repairs, and has been employed by companies to manage several dry docking contracts.

In recent years his ship management experience has led him to assist companies with manuals related to ballast management, SMS, ISPS, Risk Assessment ,Emergency Towing , MRV, Energy Efficiency and PMS amongst other issues as per latest regulations .He has vast knowledge of MLC & STCW and is therefore involved in MLC, ISM & ISPS inspections and company organization in relation to safety .

Captain Panagiotis was involved in crew training as per STCW , safety , MLC , Risk assessment , USPH and EU sanitation .

He has experience in the crewing crewing recruitment , and a passion for serving customers at the highest possible standard.



Graduated from one of the Private Universities in Jakarta , already has acquired the basic knowledge and gained experience in various fields. She has worked in Government agencies as a contract worker and entrusted as a supervisor in one of the open BUMN companies engaged in project guarantees located in Regional Government in one regency in Indonesia . Lilianti brings in extensive crewing experience and nurtures a wide range of contacts in the maritime and local business communities. She has earned the respect of local seafarers through her diligence and natural instinct for finding a particular position for the right person


LTM crewing is committed to meeting customer satisfaction by:

  • Identifying and complying with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Proactively establishing and communicating customer requirements throughout the company
  • Maintaining professional and ethical behaviour by all crew and employees
  • Carefully selecting, monitoring and analysing key performance indicators
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • Continually to improving the effectiveness of quality management systems by regularly reviewing policies, objectives and procedures, and then refining accordingly


Crew and Client Satisfaction Surveys will be conducted at least once a year the results of which will be analyzed to ensure continual/­sustained improvement. The results will be reported to Management Review Meetings.

Non-conformance reports (NCRs) will be analyzed, reviewed, discussed and minuted at Management Review Meetings.


At LTM crewing , our client relationships are built on bonds of mutual respect, loyalty and discretion. We understand the trust placed in us with each contract and we honor that commitment with an absolute commitment of our own: to do everything we can, to deserve the trust placed in us and to do nothing that would compromise it.

We pledge to every client that we will always:

  • Respect the confidentiality of information received from both clients and candidates.
  • Maintain the anonymity and confidentiality of a client until permission for disclosure has been given.
  • Screen, evaluate and reference all candidates as part of the hiring process.


Data protection.

Personal data shall only be:

  • Handled, accessed and processed fairly and lawfully by those with specific authority to do so
  • Stored in locations specifically designated for that purpose
  • Processed and/or transmitted in accordance with (a) lawful requirements and/or (b) the consent given by the individual to whom the personal data relates
  • Kept for as long as necessary and as long as is permitted by the Company procedures and legislation requirements. All originals and copies of the personal data information shall then be erased and/or deleted



We offer total crew management for all ranks, for all types of vessels around the world

Booking and organizing flights, hotels and transfers

Organize Medical fitness examinations, Drug and Alcohol tests , Covid-19 tests in selective medical centers or those approved by owners/managers.

We are checking all crew documents, Visa applications, renewal of certificates , Maintaining other documents required by owners/managers

Our mission is to provide well experienced and certified crew and keep our clients fully satisfied , by acting according to maritime laws , ILO & MLC requirements



Every seaman of every rank applying for a job to our office for the first time will be required :

  • To fill up an application as displayed on our website
  • To send scanned copies of: all STCW and other certificates as well as last medical fitness examinations & vaccination booklet
  • A colorful picture
  • Copies of his/her passport and seaman’s book
  • Details of his/her sea service
  • All your documents will be checked for validity
  • Your CV will be reviewed and an interview will follow shortly by our experts
  • Your CV will also be sent to shipping companies for review
  • Every approved candidate before his/her embarkation to any vessel , will be given all the necessary information and be trained based upon the requirements of each specific type of ship in order to perform his/her duties to the fullest , to protect his/her life and the life of the others and enhance his/her respect towards the environment .



As per client’s request, LTM will provide all necessary Crewing services:

  • Assessment and selection of suitable seafarers according to the owner’s requirements .
  • We check knowledge from previous employers
  • Test the professional knowledge. We check the seafarers’ professional skills.
  • We check documents for validity and compliance with STCW.
  • Test knowledge of English language ( in an interview)
  • Medical fitness certificates are necessary and alcohol and drug tests will take place before employment to ensure that seafarers are not alcohol and drug dependent.
  • Seafarer’s familiarization with Company’s policy and requirements
  • Correspondence and documents formalities


  • Visas arrangement and other travel documents
  • Booking and collecting air-tickets
  • Arrangement and coordination of seafarers’ travelling

Testing of seafarer’s other language skills if owner/manager requires it.

Testing of computer skills

Organize vaccinations when required

Organize trainings which may be required

Renewal of certificates

Renewal of flag endorsements and other administration documents

Covid-19 test.



1.If my CV is suitable, when will I receive more information on positions that I have applied for?

Once our personnel have reviewed your application/CV and matched your experience to the client’s requirements, we will contact you with further information on the position and confirm your interest (?).

2. What about repatriation?

You have the right to be repatriated at no cost to yourself if you have completed the period written in your contract.

3. What supporting documents need to be sent together with my CV ?

Copies of your certificates , a picture and previous employees’ appraisal letters .

4. What about Covid-19 test and any restrictions in the embarkation port?

Your manning agent will inform you where and when your Covid-19 test will take place and keep you posted about any restrictions on the embarkation port .

5. How will the test in English language take place ?

You will be interviewed by By interview with our office experts and bythrough electronic means ( marline test)

6. If I am approved to join a vessel who will give me information ?

Your manning agency will give you information regarding the shipping company , the vessel , your rights , your responsibilities , tickets and any additional information regarding your voyage to your destination

7. Do I have to complete any additional training ?

Your agent will inform you if you need to complete any additional tranniing in order to comply with the Company’s and flag’s requirements

8. I have other questions, not covered here. Can you help me with them?

By all means, please contact us. We will do our best to assist you.